Want to be a Guest Blogger? Contribute to this blog.

Do you want contribute to this blog? Be a guest blogger....

Through the years I have met many international students here in the United States who have shared their stories and experiences with me. I have learned about their interests, their lives and their dreams. I know that others would be interested in hearing about why you are interested in attending school in the United States, how you are preparing to do so, or if you are already here, what your experience has been.

Although I continue to blog about topics that are meaningful to readers, it would be great to hear from you!

If you are interested in writing for this blog, send an email to:

Include your name, your native country and a topic you would like to write about.

With over 5000 hits and readers from all around the globe (average 500+ per month), your contribution will be read by many who share your thoughts and interests.

Hope to hear from you!


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