Apps for a more organized life!

These iPhone apps will help you keep all of your work organized.
  1. Bento: Bento does nearly everything, with client information, expenses, to do lists, events, and lots more, all in one app.
  2. Evernote: Remember everything and find everything with the help of Evernote.
  3. A Personal Assistant: Use this app to get your own personal assistant that helps you manage just about anything.
  4. myHomework: You can stay on top of assignments, lectures, and lots more on your iPhone with myHomework.
  5. reQall: This app works to aid your memory and keep things together.
  6. iiBlueSky: Get handy access to your notes and ideas using iiBlueSky.
  7. iTalk Recorder: The iTalk Recorder makes it easy to leave notes for yourself.
  8. Things: Things is an incredibly useful task manager for iPhone.
  9. OmniFocus: Keep track of actions, lists, agenda items and loads more using OmniFocus.
  10. Epiphany Recorder: With the Epiphany Recorder, you can record thoughts, music, and more.
  11. Todo: Todo makes task management simple, and synchronizes with the web or your desktop.
Research & Reference
Look up facts, words, and more using these tools.
  1. Wikipanion: Use Wikipanion on your iPhone to have easy access to Wikipedia.
  2. History: Maps of the World: This app will provide you with detailed maps from all around the world.
  3. Your Rights: Reference this app to learn about rights for political science and even personal defense.
  4. WeDict: WeDict offers a free iPhone dictionary.
  5. Google News: Google News makes it easy for you to stay on top of new developments in the world.
  6. World Countries: Learn a variety of facts about countries around the world using World Countries.
  7. Net News Wire: Net News Wire will help you learn about the latest news.

Make sure you’re keeping up with your work by using these iPhone apps for productivity.
  1. Air Sharing: Air Sharing allows users to easily copy documents and more to use on your iPhone.
  2. ProjectMgr: ProjectMgr offers project management automation on your iPhone.
  3. WorkTimer Lite: Track your working hours by using WorkTimer Lite.
  4. Remember the Milk: Take your to do list anywhere with Remember the Milk for your iPhone.
  5. Torch: Using Torch, you’ll be able to easily manage your projects using your iPhone.
  6. Quick Voice Recorder: Record and send messages right from your iPhone using this app.
  7. mSecure: mSecure will provide you with secure storage for your important information.
Planning & Scheduling
Make sure you’re staying on top of responsibilities by using these iPhone apps for scheduling and planning.
  1. Google Calendar: Google Calendar offers an excellent calendar and the option to sync with your desktop calendar.
  2. iProcrastinate Mobile: Use this app to better stay on top of all the assignments and tasks you need to take care of.
  3. Facetime: Facetime will help you schedule your day and stay productive.
  4. Attendance Countdown: Use this app, and you can track your work and study time on the iPhone.
  5. Date Wheel: With the help of Date Wheel, you’ll be able to figure out exactly when assignments and action items are due.
  6. iStudent: Using iStudent, you can organize your class schedule, events, assignments, and lots more.
  7. 43 Actions: 43 Actions will help you stay on top of your tasks./li>
  8. 30Boxes: Use this calendar to get simple day planning on your iPhone.
These iPhone apps were made for studying.
  1. gFlash+: Use gFlash+, and you’ll be able to make flash cards you can study on your iPhone.
  2. Margins: With Margins, you can take notes about books to refer to later.
  3. Fact of the Day: This app offers a new educational fact each day.
  4. Quote of the Day: This app will provide you with a new quote to learn every day.
  5. Graphing Calculator: This calculator makes it easy to do math and more on your iPhone.
  6. Art Lite: Use this app to study history, works, and more in art.
  7. Mathemagics: This app can be used to calculate multiplication, squares, and more.
  8. BookShelf: Use this app to turn your iPhone into a book reader.
  9. planetFacts: This app offers diameter, orbit, mass, and other facts about the planets on your iPhone.
  10. AccelaStudy Vocabulary Builder: This tool will help you improve your vocabulary.
  11. ezMemorize: With ezMemorize, you can create and share flash cards.
  12. Google Earth: This app makes it interesting and easy to see the world from your iPhone.
  13. EngLits: Use EngLits to get summaries and learning for required reading while you’re on the beach.
  14. Stanza: Use Stanza, and you can download classics and current books, and use your iPhone as an ereader.
  15. PopMath: This game offers a fun way to improve your math skills.
  16. Instapaper: Store important bits you find online using Instapaper.
  17. Talking Phrasebooks: Study a foreign language on your iPhone with Talking Phrasebooks.
  18. VocabWiz: This iPhone app will help you improve your vocabulary skills.
  19. Poptiq: Use Poptiq to get educational videos on your iPhone.
  20. Sparky: Browse and learn from SparkNotes on your iPhone using Sparky.
  21. Netter’s Anatomy: Netter’s Anatomy flash cards offer full color references to help you memorize anatomy.

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How to Communicate in the U.S. asan International Student

Written by Cathryn Cushner Edelstein

Publisher:      Five Star Publications  
Price:               $14.95 U.S./$15.95 CANSoftbound / Nonfiction
Size:                 5 x 8 / 74 pages
ISBN (Soft):     978-1-58985-256-3


The rules ofcommunication are not universal they are specific to particular cultures.

Excuse Me, Can You Repeat That? is packed with tips and suggestions that afford the international student an inside look on how to successfully navigate verbal and nonverbal communication while pursuing studies andlife in the United States. It goes beyond simply teaching students andU.S. visitors howto speak English. It delves into manners andthe meaning of American English as it pertains to a variety of situations such as grocery shopping, attending a social gathering, eating at a restaurant, and attending classes.

In addition, it explains how intonation patterns, pronunciation, and nonverbal language cues can completely change the meaning of the spoken word and demonstratehow to communicate in a way that will ensure speakerare clearlunderstood. Diagrams, charts and words to practice are an added value to this comprehensive English communication guide.