But….that’s not how I meant it….!

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Language can be ambiguous

When we speak, we THINK the person listening to our message will understand what we intend. But does this really happen? How do we know if they do or not?

How often do  you say “But….that’s not how I meant it….!”

Let’s look at a communication model for a moment:

We can see the SENDER creates a message and then transmits it to her RECEIVER who then interprets it.
                                                  So what can go wrong?

When you create a message -  are you thinking of YOURSELF or the LISTENER?

If you think only of yourself and what you want to say, chances are things will go very wrong!
Encoding a message that can be decoded by your listener in the way you want, takes some thinking.

The next time you wonder why someone seems confused by what you said - think about how they are interpreting the message through their lens. Re-evaluate and restate.


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